A real game changer! You won't want to use a printed handout ever again!

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Book Creator is an integral part of our practice. We use it as a way of presenting essential learning materials that our students work from, but we also promote the product as a platform to meet the needs of the teachers and trainers we work with. Over the years, we have encouraged hundreds of professionals to use the platform and the response has been excellent. The excitement we get from learners that have discovered a perfect solution for their needs is exhilarating! I still find it staggering that so many people still haven't heard of it. We couldn't be without it!

How I Use It

We use Book Creator to develop teaching and learning materials for our students to learn from. We use it to create books containing essential learning content, but also suggestions of online articles and blogs. We love that audio and video products can be easily embedded and that the books can be read out loud if needed. Book Creator allows you to create professional looking content without too much effort. The fact you can share your creations using a shareable URL link too, makes it even better!