Booking Through A Children's book

Submitted 3 years ago
Vicki M.
Vicki M.
School 41 Kodak Park
Rochester NY, US
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My Take

I loved the ease and simplicity of creating a book. It had so many options to make the book and then it was so easy to take the kids through this experience. There were so many background to choose from to really add to their books. It was so easy to add pages and most of my students didn't want to stop. Also listening to their own voices was chilling. They had such pure joy knowing this was their book and they voice was imprinted on it. I loved the ability to use the technology and not have the stress of teaching an app and spending days to get to an end product. I give this product 5 stars plus for making my job as educator just a little more fun!

How I Use It

I am planning on taking my children on a Character Journey. They are going to choose a character and then create pages on their character using specific character traits.