Love Book Creator - 2nd Graders Became Entomologist Authors!

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After observing a variety of insects and discussing what students would be learning about, we posed the question: "What can you do with your insect knowledge that might help others? Might help insects? After a couple of days of thinking and several suggestions, students settled on writing and illustrating a book! Once they saw the possibilities of the Book Creator App, they were hooked.

How I Use It

I (Instructional Technology Teacher on Assignment) was able to partner with a 2nd grade Gen Ed and ENL teacher on an insect case study that was aligned with CCSS ELA standards. Students became experts in an insect species and created a scientific drawing of their chosen insect. The artwork became the cover of the eBook. After viewing a variety of insects from Cornell Cooperative Extension and using a variety of hard copy and digital resources students recorded their research and used it for their non-fiction insect book. All celebrated by reading their books to family and school members at an Author's Tea celebration.