Great all-inclusive student friendly Creative Creator

Submitted 4 years ago
Cassy M.
Cassy M.
Technology Intergrationist
Prairie Grove Community School District 46
Crystal Lake IL, US
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My Take

BookCreator is an amazing creation tool that will allow your students to soar to new heights. Yesterday we had a group of kindergarteners publishing their first opinion pieces. Having all the creation tools in an all-inclusive program makes student learning user-friendly. Our principal visited our classroom while we were working and she was amazed at what they were able to produce and how the classroom transformed into a workshop setting where students were engaged and helping one another.

How I Use It

Kindergarten authored their first online book. The writing pieces we had that students create included 9 Common Core Standards. Each kindergarten student joined their teacher's WINTER library and added their electronic books. The tools that we focused on were the speech to text feature and the import. Students were amazed that their words out of their mouth could be translated into the written language. We shared an image file with the class through Google Drive so our little ones could easily import appropriate public domain images. This program is amazing.