Best app hands down! My students love using the iPad app to create class and individual books. It's easy to use, collaborate, and share!

Submitted 4 years ago
Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.
The Peck School
Morristown NJ, US
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My Take

This tool is so easy to use and students love that they can combine content from multiple apps into one book, which is easily shared with their families. We use it constantly!

How I Use It

With my kindergarteners, I work with each child to contribute a page to a class book. With 1st grade, each child works more independently to create a page for a group book. My 2nd through 4th graders both create individual, small group, and class books. We use them in every subject area. We've used them to share art work, contribute to global collaborative books, reflect on an activity, teach about a math concept, share images from our digital microscope, and so much more!