Book Creator is amazing! Easy to use from Elementary School to High School. Having students publish their work makes the journey of learning obvious from one book to the next. Algebra student can publish their on study guides at the end of each unit!

Submitted 4 years ago
michelle d.
michelle d.
Fannin County Middle School
Blue Ridge GA, US
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My Take

This product has an endless amount of possibilities. Students love it and a perfect way to showcase what they know.

How I Use It

I have used this product for a 4th grader to create his own book and lead his aspire IEP meeting. He loved it and is now teaching his peers do use Book Creator.

Also, I have used Book Creator to group my Alg students asking them to publish a state study guides for solving equations. They uploaded their own student work as they collaborated.

Finally, I have used this program for my transition, off grade level student to upload their work as I was doing a whole class test review the day before the text. It was a teacher led lesson but students were able to upload work as we went. By the end we published their work and they now have access to it at any time.