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Submitted 4 years ago
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Book Creator is a great way for children to document their learning and to create high quality books to be published. This gives students a purpose for writing and a wider audience. Book Creator is also highly adaptable for the different needs in the classroom, with tools such as 'Read to me' for students who struggle to read back their own work and the ability for pupils to draw, record videos and their own voices. This app also supports children who struggle to write at length, as they can instead use Book Creator to document their learning.

How I Use It

In my classroom, we use Book Creator for a variety of subjects and purposes, such as demonstrating knowledge in a particular area in Science and writing books/comics. Another way we have used Book Creator is to document learning taking place in Coding lessons. Each week, the children add pages to their Coding Journal to explain their learning and to save knowledge for use at a later date.