Fabulous, powerful, easy to integrate student publishing tool!

Submitted 4 years ago
Erin S.
Erin S.
North Gresham Elementary School
Gresham OR, US
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My Take

Hands-down this is one of my favorite tech tools out there especially for K-5 learners. I love that students can create their own stories online and feel excited and empowered to publish and share!

How I Use It

I am an instructional technology coach and absolutely LOVE introducing Book Creator to the teachers and students I work with. Here is what we've found to be really effective/helpful about this awesome digital tool:
1. Students can turn their paper/pencil writing into shareable, vivid online books to share with their class and community
2. The tool is simple and easy to use
3. For struggling readers/writers it allows them to draw, paste images and record their voice
4. It's really fun to combine student pages into one class book, especially when they've narrated their page! Students can listen to the book whole group or in small literacy centers.
5. The books are powerful to share with families and at conferences
6. Students can easily collaborate
7. Students feel really empowered with Book Creator! They are in the driver's seat of learning!