Engagement was EASY with Book Creator

Submitted 4 years ago
Fouts K.
Fouts K.
Longfellow Elementary School
Council Bluffs IA, US
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My Take

It really puts a capstone on the writing process. We usually rewrite on nicer paper and staple it to make a book. Some students would be able to type it online. Book Creator makes the publishing more interesting and real life!!! With the type to text and voice recording it is accessible to students that are unable to type.

How I Use It

I recently learned about book creator at an elective technology PD. I was instantly in love with the app. I took it into my classroom the very next day! I was amazed at how excited my students were. They all worked so hard to create an informational text based on the extreme weather we were studying in Science. We share these books with the other sections of second graders--the other classes were amazed at what we had to present! It was such an uplifting experience for my class.