My students love using book creator to share their stories! At the elementary level we do many writing and inquiry projects. Book creator give students so many options and tools to author their own personalized stories!

Submitted 4 years ago
Katie H.
Katie H.
Media Specialist
Walker Elementary
Milwaukee WI, US
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My Take

I love the app because there are so many different tools students can use to add to their books. The can make the interactive for their readers. What I also like is the simple interface. Students don't get lost in the "glitz and glam". They are able to stay focused on the tools available and create their own original work.

How I Use It

I am the technology integrator at my school. I introduce book creator to all of my first through fifth grade students each year. My goal is that students can make independent choices about using apps to share their learning. Book Creator is one of their favorites because they can use it to publish their writing in class. They also use it to share their learning on various inquiry projects. I've found it's best to teach the tools and have the students learn how to use it by creating a class book together first.