Book Creator ignites creativity, showcases learning, and is easy to use!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

It's a fantastic tool that super easy to use! I liked that you can access it from any device, multiple people can collaborate on the same book, how you can combine books together, convert to ePub and PDF, and share easily. I think for some students or for older students, maybe a Book Creator Pro with more advanced features could be a viable option. For example, students are not able to edit a photo once imported into a book. If students want to simply crop an image they have to do that separately in another app. Apple Pages is currently the better option if students want to create a book using more advanced features.

How I Use It

I just started using Book Creator in my lessons as a way for students showcase their learning and express their creativity. The students really enjoy adding additional media content to their books that they couldn't do on paper. Their books come alive and have been shared with other classes around the school. The next step is to share with the world! The only issue that I have run into is that with the free version I can only create one library with 40 books. I want more! Looks like I'm going all in with Book Creator. Highly recommended for all learners of all levels!