Create, Document, Record and Share! Approachable for even the non techie teachers!

Submitted 4 years ago
Karen W.
Karen W.
Technology coordinator
Fisher School
Walpole MA, US
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My Take

As a Digital Learning Coach, I recommend this app to all the teachers in my schools from K-5. It is easy to use and even very approachable for non techie teachers. Students love this app and it gives them a creative way to show us what they've learned. Students are always asking if they can make books at home.

How I Use It

Students in grades K-5 use Book Creator in my schools. Students have used it to work on their writing skills with "How-To" books comics and collaborative storytelling. Students have created books showing what they know in all subject areas. Kindergarteners have created alphabet books, counting books and "All About Me" books. Students have created math books where they write about how they solved a problem. Teachers had created books with instructions that students need to access frequently as well as lessons, students can read on their own. Teacher lessons can contain links to other web sites and videos.