Highly engaging and versatile app for all grades and subject areas.

Submitted 4 years ago
Heather K.
Heather K.
Williamsville East High School
East Amherst NY, US
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My Take

Over the past year I have watched the Chrome App continue to grow, with increasing versatility. The recent updates allow students to insert embed codes, which means that kids can bring in FlipGrids, Padlets, interactive maps, and even more! This is one of my go to apps!

How I Use It

Where do I begin? Book Creator can be used for all ages and subject areas! As an instructional technology coach, it is my job to find the best tools for deepening student learning. Book Creator is the perfect tool for using the four C's. I have worked with Spanish and French teachers and their students created travel guides. Business teachers had their kids create the "A, B, C's of Business." The possibilities are endless.