After we started using Book Creator in class last year, my students complain while using other apps on a project. They love how easy it is to use the different functions and the dictation benefits especially students with reading and writing disabilities

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion is that this app is exceeding my expectations of creative learning tools. I have been using almost all of the features it has to offer, and I am really pleased with them all. If in some way it could serve my teaching better, it would be by offering own libraries (in Chrome) for the students, as you do in the app, with unlimited books in their own bookshelf and improve the dictation recognition in other languages than English (for my use, that would be Norwegian). I am also missing the function of being able to zoom in on pages during the working process, and especially during preview mode.

How I Use It

I started out using Book Creator with my students on a project called "All about me", where I created my own book first to model the different features it had to offer. The students loved how they were able to be creative with the design and how they could record audio instead of writing all of their facts. After this, we started using Book Creator as our subject composition book. I made a template where I filled in the first pages with some information and tasks. The students only had to change their names on the front page and insert answers into the text boxes. Further on, the students were free to use the comp books to take required notes and for homework. We did a lot of audio recordings of reading and discussing objectives.

Once during a project, I wanted to use an already set look for the design including picture frames, titles, text boxes, where the recordings should be and colors on the background, so I created it and distributed it to the students to fill in.

The students ended up with one book in each subject in addition to around ten different "project-books" for presentations last year. They are automatically more engaged to work on a project when we use Book Creator rather than other alternatives.

This school year, we have started our third project-book already, where we have focused a lot on finding pictures on Google through Book Creator (for Chrome) to gain critical thinking and knowledge of what photos are allowed to use and not. We have also focused on dictating our text instead of just writing and recording, as the students are second language English learners, it is a great way to work on pronunciation. It immediately gives the students feedback on mispronunciation, by watching misspelled words.