Start immediately to create your own personal music book!

Submitted 4 years ago
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To start a book is very easy and in my subjects (music, German and creative profile) it is perfect to build own learning books. Students can add their own or my voice so that they can hear me to practice at home. (German) in music lessons, they can record accords and even their own guitar or piano practice. They can write notes and record parts of films and have them as a living part of their digital books. (Music) In the creative profile, they can show their own interest to create a nice book with pictures and use it as a portfolio - the best artworks, films, animations, music and much more

How I Use It

My students create with my help in three years 7-9 an own learning book for themselves in music and in a subject calls "creative profile". At this moment the book works as a digital learning book, as a homework book, and as a creative exercise book. It has with the last update grown through the possibility to add Notary lines.