Let’s Primary students CREATE so easily! K-2 students can easily show their understanding through creating and collaborating. They love making interactive books and parents so enjoyed viewing them!

Submitted 4 years ago
Cathleen H.
Cathleen H.
Council Rock Primary School
Rochester NY, US
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My Take

Once finding this app, I could see so many uses for it. For me, it is so useful that I can teach my first graders how to use one app but it can be used to show learning in so many different ways. The finished product also is very polished and these young students are so impressed by their work. We use Seesaw and I can easily share final products with parents through that app.

How I Use It

In my 1st and 2nd grade classroom, I used this app across the curriculum. The students made science journals, biographies of community leaders for SS, wrote their own personal narratives and created pic collages to show work with Habits of Mind. I like having the young students work in partners to create most of these books. For some students, creating an entire book on their own can be overwhelming.