Amazing Way to Promote Student Voice in the WL Classroom!

Submitted 4 years ago
Heidi T.
Heidi T.
Skyline High School
Front Royal VA, US
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My Take

I absolutely love Book Creator and how it has changed digital storytelling in my classroom. My students beg me to allow them more opportunities to create stories using Book Creator, I love how easy it is for the students to use and how they can collaborate on stories. Book creator also allows my students the chance to work on stories with their peers in France. Overall, Book Creator is an amazing program that allows me to make thinking visible and promote student voice in my classroom!

How I Use It

I have used Book Creator multiple times in my French classroom. MY students love sharing their voice and creating stories in the target language. The students are able to easily express themselves and share their stories with each other and our partner school in France. I love that the students can insert their own photos and videos, as well as record their voice. It taking story creation to a new level!