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When I first started using Book Creator several years ago for the global project, it was a an iPad only app and you needed a paid version to make more then one book. Starting about a year ago, Book Creator made a Chrome version that teachers can use for free to make 40 books. That opened it up to a lot more teachers and students! The children love that you can get very creative with colors, backgrounds, video embedding, voice recording pictures and more! What's great is that once you make the books, they can be published online for free. I like assigning my students to make one or two pages and then combining them into one book. This can also be used by teachers as a instructional guide. For example, a teacher could create a how to use Google Slides eBook to share with students (or even other teachers) in their class. It could include text, screenshots, voice recording, video clips, etc. Or a teacher could make an eBook with this app to teach or introduce a topic and then each child could move through the book at their own pace. This past summer, I taught a PD about Book Creator to 120 teachers in our diocese working with students at different age groups and they were all excited to use it. Those working with very young students could use it to share activities or projects going on in the classroom with parents. This is a awesome free product that I would highly recommend to other teachers!

How I Use It

I have used this product for several years with students. First we used it in a global project to make a group eBook sharing info about each school. I have also used it with my own 3rd grade students to make an ebook with fun facts about the Presidents of the United States and another ebook with resources for learning vocabulary words. It is very easy for both teachers and students to use.