Nothing greater than Book Creator!

Submitted 4 years ago
Jennifer B.
Jennifer B.
Garrison Pilcher Elementary School
Thomasville GA, US
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One of the best features of Book Creator is its simplicity, but behind that simplistic design, is a wealth of opportunities that appeal to students across all grade levels with effective uses across all subject areas. It can easily be used by the youngest of students with more advanced features that are highly engaging for upper grade levels as well. As a first-grade teacher, I appreciate the capabilities of sharing teacher-created templates with students, which helps with teaching the bells and whistles featured within the app in order to equip students with the skills needed to become independent authors and illustrators and eventually begin making their own student-created digital books. The exporting features are impressive, and I appreciate how students can download their ebooks and then upload them into their Seesaw journals to share with an authentic audience: their families! Additionally, Book Creator enables students to demonstrate their learning in unlimited ways through the creation of ebooks or through the collaboration with their peers during a group project. Students can also teach other students using their student-created ebooks or enhance their own writing skills. The only drawback to using Book Creator is my own need to continue further exploration in order to effectively implement Book Creator for the purposes of enhancing learning in my classroom. Book Creator provides a host of valuable tools, and now I need to do my part to learn best practices for its utilization.

How I Use It

My first -grade students have used Book Creator the past several years to combine their individual books into one class book. They have imported student created videos, sound clips, and student created images in each of these books, and used the annotation tools to add text, too. Once students learned how to use the Book Creator app on their iPads, they were eager to create various other books! They loved being able to add voice narration and the ability to creatively design each page. The opportunities are endless! I have also utilized teacher-made templates this year that are used as interactive notebooks for science, social studies, and math! Airdropping capabilities really allow for a seamless workflow in a first-grade classroom.