Flexible and Versatile: Empower, Engage, Create and Collaborate!

Submitted 4 years ago
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There are just so many ways Book Creator can be used as a versatile teaching tool. You can easily create and share books for mini-lessons, personalized learning, language learning, social stories and more. Empower your students to demonstrate their own learning though the Book Creator app. Sharing is a breeze through embedding on your blog, or uploading to YouTube. Take collaboration to the next level by combining books. This app is amazing..

How I Use It

This is my go to app for student creation. It is very simple to use for even the youngest of learners, and provides tons of flexibility and choice, yet produces amazing professional results. Teachers can use it to create books for students, students can use it to demonstrate learning,, and it is hands down the best tool for creating digital stories. If there is only one app you are considering purchasing for you classroom, school or district, this is the one!