Amazing digital creation tool which transforms learning!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I love Book Creator! It is super easy for students to understand, they can be introduced to the app, given a chance to explore and practically learn all the functions within a few minutes. I know they are currently coming up with ways to import other types of media into their app which would be extremely helpful.

How I Use It

I mainly use Book Creator as a tool for documentation. Students create a book which follows them through our entire IBPYP UOI's. Students and later parents are able to see how their learning is transformed from the beginning, starting with pre-assessments all the way to our summative tasks. Students are able to share their understandings, thoughts, prior knowledge, ideas in a variety of different ways. Accessibility is critical and super important for younger students. Students generally work in groups, they learn a variety of skills such as cooperation and collaboration!