Great tool for the classroom!

Submitted 4 years ago
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Writing a book takes a lot of skills and time, i love that kids can add or take away as many as they need to.
Sometimes books don't contain many information as we want to, so creating your own can help your students understand better and have the information you eant in their hands.
With the new update now you are able to insert videos form youtube! This is great because your kids won’t need to search for the video, it will be there.

How I Use It

My students love using Book Creator, they can create and publish their own work! They can express themselves because this is so easy to use.
The option for comics is AWESOME!! They love adding backgrounds and stickers to create professional looking books, they get so engaged that learning comes naturally. If you are looking for a short proyect this is the tool, if you want a longer one, this is the tool. You can get as simple as vocabulary words with pictures or videos or a research book with the older ones.
This tool is so engaging that learning comes naturally, they will do research and pracitce reading and writing skills at the same time.