Best app for digital storytelling and creation, both for educators and students

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I have had great experiences with book creator, both to create content myself and to have my students use the app to create. It's very kid-friendly, but at the same time it allows for complex storytelling for older students. I have used Book Creator countless times to have students create and apply their knowledge, and I love how the app adapts to my project-based learning approach. Exporting books is also very easy, and I especially love this feature because it allows me to compile all the projects together in a library and share with my students so that they can see each others' work. Overall, I love this app to create in any subject. I can't imagine my students without it.

How I Use It

I love using this product to create content for my students. It allows me to make learning directly related to my students' needs and interests. There are also many features that help my students acquire English as a second language, such as the video and audio features.
My students also love to use this app to create digital content. Whether an original book/comic of their own, or a page in a whole-class book, students are always excited to create. They also love the versatility of the app, allowing them to create interactive books as well.