Book Creator gets kids excited to write - while also producing beautiful results!

Submitted 4 years ago
Jennifer M.
Jennifer M.
Glenwood Elementary School
Virginia Beach VA, US
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My Take

My overall opinion is that all teachers should give Book Creator a try in their classroom, from PK through HS! I love that each student works on their own book (but can also work collaboratively), and can highlight what they've learned. The teacher can check everything in one place, books can be published online, downloaded, shared with families, etc. There isn't anything that Book Creator can't do.

How I Use It

This product works for ALL students, in ALL subjects areas! I have never seen a child bored while creating a book on Book Creator, and even the most reluctant writers are engaged, curious, and happy while working. There are limitless ways to create a unique book on virtually any topic, and students of all abilities are able to participate with the features that Book Creator has provided (for FREE!). This app is my go-to, and my kids never get bored with it, and with the new embedding there is even more that they can do. LOVE IT!