My goto app for digital creation on the iPad.

Submitted 4 years ago
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I have used the app on the iPad over the last few years and it has become my goto app for digital creation on the iPad. My students find it easy to use but powerful in bring learning to life in a way that make creativity available to all. The visual nature of unlocks students potential to create original content. Its ease of use enables the student to drive their own learning and significantly adds to the ownership of the learning activity.

How I Use It

I often create a template and AirDrop it to the class. This gives students a basic structure of the project that they can then modify and enhance. This approach allows my more confidence students to move on and create original content but provides assistance for learners that require more support. Book creator also allows students to choose a variety of media to create their project. This enables students to dial into their personal learning style and builds engagement and ownership of the task.