Great Language learning tools for MFL students

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

It is great to have such a tool to support student learning - in particular using iPad (mobilities )
What I like the most is 1. Mobilities (hardware) 2. simple interface for students to work on 3. it allows integration of multiple media
With the tools, it provides opportunities for students to showcase/ apply what they have learned, although at the beginning it may take some time for students to plan, draft and redraft the story, and spending lots of time "playing" with apps (such as colours, images etc) however, the more we allow them to create and use the application, the time spent on "playing will be decreased :)

How I Use It

I used this for language classes range from primary to secondary classes.
This is used as a mini project - where students were asked to apply the language, vocabulary and patterns learned to create a story for Y2-3 students to read.
The engagement for this lesson is high, where multiple skills were involved, and students were very proud to share their product internally to their buddies.