Book Creator is a one-stop shop for digital creation. It's user friendly for students of all ages. I love that it can be shared in many different facets. Couldn't imagine teaching without it!

Submitted 4 years ago
Kelly B.
Kelly B.
Avery Elementary School
Bellevue NE, US
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My Take

It works very well! The more you use it the easier it is for the students to use. I cant' imagine teaching on the iPads without it. I like that you can share your project as a video no matter what you do. I feel like it is great for presentations. I truly couldn't imagine teaching without it!

How I Use It

I have used Book Creator for many different projects. I mainly use it in Social Studies, Science, and Health as review log books and as an assessment. We have created end of the year memory books using Book Creator. We have used book creator to make video presentations. The students struggle at first with all of the options, but I just introduce as a group slowly and shortly they are on their way on their own!