Book Creator does exactly what it says on the tin....and more

Submitted 4 years ago
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Students love using the app as it allows them to be creative and versatile with their final product. The variety of templates allows for some choice, but not so much that students waste time getting started. The menus are simple enough for students of all ages to use and allows for enough customisation for those students who really want to make their books look professional and stand out. Students were easily able to get to grips with the app so more time could be spent focussing on the content of the books than learning how to use the app. Students also relished sharing how to do different things with the app, like record their voices, export final books and more

How I Use It

The app can be used for a variety of different uses from individuals, small group work or to larger collaborative projects. As the app is very simple in its setup it allows students to be creative in the presentation, content and delivery of their work. It allows students to use their words in the typed form but also allows for reluctant writers to use their voice, or a combination of the two. For the nontech savy students and teachers, Book Creator has a limited amount of options in the initial menus, making it simple and easy to get started and create a basic book. Once you start to delve deeper you can begin to customise all aspects of the book. I have used this with students working in small groups on projects about animals in different biomes, to working with a large collaborative group, of around 20 students to create a shared cook book. This project had its challenges as all the students were working on different iPads, and a lot of time was spent working to collate and collect the various projects onto one device and then making it presentable. One issue that arose was at the start of the project we did not specifically ask the students to use the same book template, and this caused issues when merging the pages together on the final book.