A Swiss Army app, friendly and vital for multiple age groups.

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

Book Creator is incredibly versatile, and in every age cohort I've taught in a elementary schools it tends to be within the core apps I use with my students. Because of its versatility and low floor for entry, students can familiarize themselves with the app and get creating quickly. I like the variety of layouts available as well as the number of options for adding different kinds of media. Students are able to create interesting, engaging books at many different levels of complexity, allowing for differentiation for diverse learners. The various export options mean that books can be created and shared to a couple of different platforms, so students are able to present their work to real, authentic audiences.

How I Use It

I've used Book Creator in a variety of elementary school grades, both in regular homeroom classes and in afterschool and cross-curricular experiences. After only a small amount of tinkering time, even very young pupils understand most of the functionality of the app and are ready to create new things. I've used the app in a variety of ways, including a place for students to record and talk about word sorts for phonological awareness, creating books all about place value, as a way to collect and collaborate on knowledge on the human body, and as a tool for reflection to post to student blogs. The app functions well with any age group, but some of the more technical aspects of exporting and sharing need to be taught step-by-step for younger learners.