Book Creator - A platform to record students' learning

Submitted 4 years ago
Vicky H.
Vicky H.
Mandarin Teacher & Technologies Learning Coach
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I personally think that Book Creator is a tool enable students to demonstrate their learning journey. With the tool, students are motivated to learn the language as they are given opportunities to personalise their journals using the features available such as changing fonts, changing the colour of the background, putting images, videos and audios. It helps to develops students' creativity and imagination. The collaboration feature is also one of the elements I love the most as it enables students coming together to contribute their ideas, skills and knowledge to achieve a goal. Book creator is able to develop students' critical thinking and problem solving skills, fosters creativity, and inspires innovation. These are all the crucial 21st century skills.

As a Mandarin teacher, I personally think that if there is a wider Chinese font options for students to pick from would be the best.

How I Use It

Learning Chinese is one of the toughest language to learn as compared to the rest of the languages in the world. As a Mandarin teacher, I have been always looking for ways or methods to help students to learn the language effectively. Book Creator is one of the most effective tool that students have been using during Mandarin lessons. They use it to record new vocabulary they have learned from each lesson. It acts like mini dictionaries for them which include meanings, images, videos and audios. They enjoy designing it the way they love - personalisation is the feature that they love. Students with higher ability could start constructing sentences within the pages using the vocabulary learned. With the 'read to me' feature, they could practice listening to it and reading it. As their writing ability develops, they could create their own stories. There are also opportunities for students to collaborate with one another to complete books such as business proposals, weather forecast reports, restaurant food menu and the list goes on.