Great tool for students with sensory impairments!

Submitted 4 years ago
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Self-voicing menus and buttons/icons would be a great addition to the product, making it even more accessible.

How I Use It

I use Book Creator to make personalized books based on real experiences for my students with visual and multiple impairments. Because I can upload photos of the students themselves and of activities/events in which they participated, my students are much more interested in reading and experiencing literacy. Books I've created using Book Creator immediately engage my students. The "Read to Me" option has encouraged them to practice their screen navigation skills. Parents appreciate having the books published online so their students can read at home. I also make use of the recording capability to allow students to record their own narration/reading aloud. Some of my students use a pre-recorded switch to record their text; some use an augmentative communication device. The background color and text color options are ideal for providing individualized color combinations for best access based on an individual's visual impairment. Overall, Book Creator has made the provision of accessible, engaging literacy materials a very easy process.