A Top 3 app for ANY classroom PK-16!!

Submitted 4 years ago
Katie V.
Katie V.
Buxton Center Elementary School
Buxton ME, US
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My Take

My overall opinion is that no classroom is complete without this tool. The versatile ways in which you can apply this through template books, portfolios, and independent creation are astounding. I've seen kindergartners create their own stories and fifth graders create science experiment notebooks using this app. I love the diverse tools that support students, including speech-to-text typing, text-to-speech reading, links to deeper knowledge for independent or advanced learners, the Open Dyslexic font for students who need it, and more.

How I Use It

As a technology coach, I use this product in a variety of K-5 classrooms, including general, advanced and special needs. I see engagement and excitement when kids build books independently. They love demonstrating their knowledge using Book Creator. This tool is used in multiple ways in our school, including for story-telling, portfolios, science investigation notebooks, vocabulary notebooks, and more. It's an amazing, versatile app.