Best App for Education.

Submitted 4 years ago
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As a tool for creating visually appealing pubs, this app has no rivals. It’s ease of use enables all students to become an author within minutes. The ability to airdrop on the iPads allows for easy sharing of teacher created templates with all students. The limitations of this app are your own imagination, I have used it for Mathematics, English, as a Science journal, for Social Studies project, as well as cookbooks and photo journals. I would love to see real time collaboration as well as the ability to export to a book printing company.

How I Use It

Book Creator is one of the best app for education full stop. Students are easily able to create, share and learn through an engaging, easy to use app. I recommend this app to other educators at any PL event I attend or lead, I recommend this app to parents at my school, I recommend this app to others for use at home, I even use this app at home with my own children.