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Submitted 4 years ago
Beth C.
Beth C.
Hopewell Elementary
Bettendorf IA, US
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My Take

We have seen all students benefit from this tool and be able to showcase their new learning. It is visual and offers students opportunities. Instead of confining and limiting the way students can demonstrate their knowledge, we are allowing them to use their talents, and take their learning to a whole new level.

How I Use It

We use Book Creator to give students the opportunity to show their new knowledge and to create. They love the freedom within the program and the fact that it looks professional and can be utilized by a global audience. This is a powerful tool and the options are limitless. We have the paid version of the app on our iPads and use Chrome for the teacher account. The teacher account works well so that all books can be seen/managed by the instructor. Books can be combined, if necessary. You will want the paid version, if using the app, as the free one only allows for a single book to be created.