Perfect for differentiated learning

Submitted 4 years ago
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Its brilliant, it can be used in so many ways as you can see on I like the dictation function in Chrome very well, because it is so accurate, i love how easy it is to use, and now with collaboration in Chrome it is even more fantastic. It really gives the student the opportunity to show understanding in a way which suits their learning style and helps them overcome challenges they have. If it could give them feedback on readability(use of fonts and colors that dont match well) as a warning, it would be great. Also if one could have the words split up into syllables it would make books easier to read for those who struggle.

How I Use It

I have used Book Creator for learning grammar, students have made books about the worlds religions, comparing and contrasting them. We did the same thing with the Norwegian political parties during the election when the students made a book about how the Norwegian democracy works. Student who struggle with writing use dictation and voice recording or video to share their knowledge while others combine the different options. It works very good for differentiated learning, making learning visible and giving every student the opportunity to be proud of their end product.