TOP App for students and teachers! MUST HAVE!

Submitted 4 years ago
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As a teaching tool it is very interesting because it offers teachers many ways to use it in class. Teachers can create books full of content to guide their classes, they can also ask their students to create digital and interactive portfolios in which they include all their learning evidences or they can even create their own content book of the subject so it is unique and adapted to their needs and ways of learning.

How I Use It

This year I used it for a project in which students, in groups of 3, had to create a three chapter book based on "Stranger Things" and put into practice their English language knowledge about Past Simple. The results were many different and visual books in which students proved their creativity. In some cases, students did not deep in the features of the app and the result was very simple. Nevertheless, we did not explain them into detail before using them so I am sure it would have been different if I had worked with the students on the app previously.