I have used Book Creator in my classroom of 1:1 IPads for the past four years. Students enjoy making their own books and being able to share them with others. Book Creator is great for project based learning lessons.

Submitted 5 years ago
Brittany H.
Brittany H.
L'ouverture Computer Technology Magnet
Wichita KS, US
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My Take

Book Creator is a great creating tool and performance assessment. I have enjoyed using it for all students. Special Education and low literacy students can use it to show what they have learned; just as well as their on-level peers. Students are able to share their knowledge in a new and creative form.

How I Use It

I have used Book Creator for student to display their weekly vocabulary. Students have chosen words to make a book about. Student independently make books or can work in partners. Students love changing the background, adding pictures, and recording.