Easy to use tool for all ages.

Submitted 4 years ago
Allison S.
Allison S.
Technology coordinator
K–12 school
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My Take

I love using this tool. Once the students learn the basics of Book Creator, they are easily able to create any book they can imagine. It takes some time to teach but since many of the icons are familiar to them, they learn quickly. I will continue to look for ways to use this with my classes.

How I Use It

My students loved this app. My second graders were able to show what they know after learning about Helen Keller. They had read about Helen Keller in their ELA class. I then showed them the different tools to available to them over a two day and then they had time to create their books. Even though each book had the same basic information, they were all so different. Advanced learners were able to explore more of the features to add on to their books. Later, they took their knowledge of using Book Creator to make their own Stations of the Cross books. They are always excited when they can become the author and the illustrator of their own book. The books were then shared with their families on Seesaw.

For my first graders learned some of the basics of book creator to complete a shape book. They traveled around the classroom going on a shape hunt, took a picture of their shape, added it to their page, and then describe their shape. After learning the basics where we went step by step, the students were able to complete the activity on their own. They also shared their finished books in Seesaw