Using Book Creator is a perfect way to empower student voice! Share and celebrate student created content with this easy to use tool.

Submitted 5 years ago
Ann K.
Ann K.
Teacher on Special Assignment
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My Take

I think this is a powerful tool for both teachers and students alike. I love how easy to use the app is. With a few button clicks, students become authors! The Getting Started Guide is a very helpful tool that provides a simple, yet comprehensive overview of how to use the app. As a Teacher on Special Assignment, I love visiting various classrooms and introducing Book Creator. Teachers and students immediately see the power and potential Book Creator has to empower student voice and share learning beyond four walls of the classroom.

How I Use It

Our students love using Book Creator to publish and share their content from Writers Workshop. This platform allows our scholars to share their unique voice with the world by publishing their own stories and illustrations. I have used this app with K-6 students and one of my favorite experiences with Book Creator was helping 1st Graders author a book in Spanish for their Dual Language Academy class. The possibilities with Book Creator are endless!