Students can create their own books!

Submitted 6 years ago
​Instructional Technology Integration Specialist
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I really enjoyed the fact that students can add videos on a topic to their book. They can add recordings and pictures they have drawn, all of these possibilities have actually updated what it means to create a book now. It also enhances the students learning experience. I also like how it can be shared with others that might not have the app.

How I Use It

I have used Book Creator in many different ways with the teachers. A few ways the teachers I work with have used Book Creator with their students and my support are Yearbooks, All About Butterflies, All About Insects, All About Me, and Nature Walk. Some of these were 1:1 others students worked in partners to create their books. It depended on the group of students on how we created books. Also being able to air drop a template to students was very helpful.