Great tool for creating non-fiction texts especially.

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

The children are engaged.
After some quick modelling the children are easily able to use it.
Work is easy to edit and improve as the iPad stores the work.
The only thing I'd like to improve it is finding another way for it to be stored off the iPad so it keeps it's interactive content. e.g not always having to export as a PDF.

How I Use It

We have used it to create engaging recounts of school trips by taking the app with us, and taking images, videos while on the trip. When we come back to school we input them into the book and then add our learning from the experience.
We have used it to create non fiction texts around dinosaurs and we create a persuasive leaflet. It's been great for these texts specifically because the layout of non-fiction texts are easy to implement in Book Creator.