This independent learning app is a great way for students to learn science concepts about light, energry, and electricity.

Submitted 8 years ago
Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.
ITRT - Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
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My Take

The colorful pictures, videos, sound effects, and exploration activities make this app very appealing for students. They can easily move through topics which helps to keep them engaged. Lots of scientific information is presented for students to learn and better understand topics. While there is a lot of informational text, the pictures, short videos, and experiments keep students interested and allow for self-paced learning. Bobo Explores Light makes learning about science fun and educational!

How I Use It

Students follow Bobo the robot as he leads them through a learning adventure about science topics. Watch videos and complete experiments to investigate real-life science conecpts. Shine a light on a tomato plant and watch photosynthesis take place! See how light can bend and show refraction by using a laser and a fish bowl. Learn about lightning, colors, and auroras through this interactive app!