An interactive arcade-game for learning about blood and viruses!

Submitted 5 years ago
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Overall, the app has two key components: the arcade game and the information pages. Both of these are useful, as described in my 'how I use it paragraph' but limited in their capacity beyond one lesson. That said, at elementary/primary level (in which I teach), the curriculum doesn't require a lot of coverage on the subject of blood or viruses. In the Primary National Curriculum (UK), the circulatory system is introduced in Year 5 (9-10 year olds). That is where I'd use this app.

How I Use It

This app contains lots of plain-English information about blood and virus-types which is accessible to young children through the simple interface. It could be used during a research lesson (poster making, blogging, presentation) about blood or viruses as part of a human biology topic. The arcade-style game, where you play a virus avoiding blood components as you travel through a vein, makes for an engaging activity to end the lesson.