This is a great game, not only is it fun, but very practical blood typing can get complicated with this game not only does it clear up the confusion but its pretty fun to play with.

Submitted 6 years ago
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This is a great teaching tool, I enjoyed it as a learning tool as a student and I am sure my students will benefit just as much as I did in during my undergrad. Biological concepts can get complex and difficult to understand.I believe the key to learning something that is new and difficult is repetition, this game does just that. Allows repetition so that the student can better understand the importance of proper blood typing.

How I Use It

When it comes to teaching anatomy all the information can get confusing very quickly. At least in the section that revolves around the circulatory system and trying to explain blood typing and how a Doctors/Nurses can not just give any blood to anyone this game makes it easy, fun and comprehensible for students of all ages to understand this concept.