Great interactive game for getting the basics of blood typing

Submitted 9 years ago
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This is a great introduction to blood typing. It is simple to use and students quickly figure out how to conduct the blood typing activities. I found it very useful for reinforcing concepts I'd just taught about blood typing. The animations, while very basic, served their purpose to reinforce correct answers or communicate incorrect answers. On top of that my students enjoyed playing the game and it got them more interested in the activities I had planned.

How I Use It

I used this in my high school forensic science class. I taught the basics of blood and blood typing through a presentation and notes. My students were definitely ready to get up an move around. When I pulled up the game, a few literally jumped out of their seats to help me test the first student. They ended up figuring out the game in less than five minutes and from their I watched them as they experimented with the game. It was nice to see them put in action the notes that they'd just taken. The feedback for correct and incorrect choices also helped iron out any misconceptions they brought with them. I was very happy to see the terms "universal donor" and "universal recipient" make sense when they were pressured for time to save the characters life.

I don't have any real negatives toward this activity. It served my purposes perfectly - to reinforce a concept I'd taught with immediate feedback. It also helped prevent my students from making mistakes in the lab we'd be doing the following day.

My students also really enjoyed working on it and wanted to continue on to the additional areas of the website. Unfortunately we ran out of time.

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