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Emergency room action a great vehicle for learning about trial and error

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Pros: In a short time, students will understand how doctors determine blood type and match blood for transfusions.

Cons: Production quality could use some pizazz, and scenarios are limited.

Bottom Line: This comprehensive approach to blood typing breaks it down for kids.

There's no teacher dashboard, but you can easily view students' progress; each player has to log in, so their progress can be saved. This means the game can start in the classroom and continue as homework.


Blood Typing Game is a free online game where students try to save a patient's life by choosing the right blood type for a transfusion. Students set up an account (email required), log in, and click Start Playing. No prior knowledge of blood types is needed -- they'll get it by the end! Students are offered the easy starter mission "Struck by Lightning," or they can choose and unlock other missions that give short narratives as to why the patient is in the emergency room. Then they take a blood sample and test for A, B, and Rh. Later missions have drag blood types to the patient. This is easy until they run out of the perfect match and have to find "close enough" types that will save a life.


Students learn by trial and error. Kids click at random, and the game beeps when they make mistakes. It starts slowly but has an excellent achievement system, and after an hour or two, kids will start to build a deductive understanding of blood types and eventually master error-free blood transfusions. They'll sense patterns as to what works and what doesn't, building frameworks and understanding.

When they're stumped, or just curious, they can access textbook-like information to learn about blood transfusions and how to determine blood types. Tutorials and detailed explanations of the science are included on the webpage. Trivial information is also splattered (pun intended) throughout the game.

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You may not be impressed at first, but over time the game gets more involved and you can spend a delightful few hours with squealing patients learning about and matching blood types. 


Students learn everything about blood types by game's end, and plenty of related information is available.


The website has limited support, but you can find a high scores list as well as similar games that can broaden students' understanding of current science practices. 

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This is a great game, not only is it fun, but very practical blood typing can get complicated with this game not only does it clear up the confusion but its pretty fun to play with.

This is a great teaching tool, I enjoyed it as a learning tool as a student and I am sure my students will benefit just as much as I did in during my undergrad. Biological concepts can get complex and difficult to understand.I believe the key to learning something that is new and difficult is repetition, this game does just that. Allows repetition so that the student can better understand the importance of proper blood typing.

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