Great comic strip for students to demonstrate understanding

Submitted 9 years ago
Meghan C.
Meghan C.
Wilmington High School
Wilmington MA, US
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Overall, I really enjoyed this product as a teaching tool. I used it in a lesson that had multiple components and it was a great tool for students to bring all those components together and demonstrate their understanding through the use of a story. There is the option of making these comic strips public for others to see, or private, which is a great tool.

The students really enjoyed it and it was a nice change for them from doing worksheets, or even a group project presenting on the material. They also spent a lot of time on them. I wasn't sure the first time around but they really seemed to take pride in their work.

It also improves my role as a teacher because it really made it clear to me the areas where I need to improve. It made it easier for me to spot the holes/areas of struggle and the components that students understand. When reviewing for the mid-term and final, I was better able to focus on those areas of improvement.

I didn't like the printing function. I found I had to have the students copy and paste their work from the site into a Word document in order to print it with the best formatting.

How I Use It

I used this product in my personal finance class during our stock market unit. Students then had to create a comic strip demonstrating the following: how one researches a stock, how one purchases stock through a broker, include the math for calculating cost of purchase plus broker fee, how one sells a stock through a broker, and how to calculate profit or loss after paying the broker fees. The students were really into this product. Letting them work in partners, they really talked through their story, and the final products were excellent and thorough. I definitely had to encourage students to focus on content rather than developing their character for the entire class. Otherwise I was very pleased.

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