Terrific collaborative tool for students and co-teaching

Submitted 9 years ago
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BaiBoard is a powerful tool for use in the classroom or between teachers. The opening screen is easy to navigate and allows for you to use your screen as a place to draw, type, or insert images. Tools include ways to type and resize text, move text, highlight areas, draw arrows and insert stencils. Stencils are simple pictures which can enhance the pages you create. Once you set up what you want to communicate, there are tools on the right side of the screen which provide ways to communicate via dropbox, e-mail, or other social media ways. The most powerful piece to this app is the "meet". Once you set up the "meet", you can invite participants through e-mail, clipboard or iMessage. If you use email, there is a formatted e-mail that provides all information to the person or persons you are sending the invitation to. Creating additional pages is easy - just click on the arrow on the page and multiple pages are created. Students could easily meet in "on-line" or "virtual" office hours through this app. The best part of this "meet" when used this way is that a running record exists and at the end - it can be printed. This app is easy to use and very applicable to high school or college settings.

How I Use It

Since our school is providing iPads for every student, this is an app I plan on incorporating into my classroom. There is much potential for meeting students here in a "virtual" or "on-line" office hours setting. Students can learn how to insert text, arrows, stencils, or highlights which can allow them to communicate any questions or concerns they may have regarding lessons or homework. Since our school district is emphasizing "flipped learning", this is the perfect situation for students to meet in an environment that can be recorded and then printed. At some point, the meeting can be used for future lessons.
One of the more powerful pieces to this app is my intended usage with the special education teachers I co-teach with. Instead of using google mail to chat, this format allows more of a freer way to express where we need to go in our teaching day to day. The only thing I can see that may be a minor stumbling block is to teach them how to access the "meet" and for us to use it consistently.