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BaiBoard 3 - Collaborative Whiteboard

Versatile virtual whiteboard for in-person or remote collaboration

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Communication & Collaboration, Creativity

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Creating Media, Presentation

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad

Pros: Type, draw, add photos, and IM with collaborators and others invited to view the board.

Cons: No formal tutorial or detailed in-app instructions.

Bottom Line: With so many options for creating and sharing, it's amazing that this whiteboard app is free.

Use BaiBoard 3 to interact with other teachers and students in your classroom and in other classrooms in your school, across the country, or across the world. The app can help students brainstorm with one another on projects, or work on math problems remotely from home. In schools with 1-to-1 programs, the app can be an excellent way for the entire class to communicate and collaborate -- while remaining at their desks -- during teacher-led lessons.

BaiBoard 3 - Collaborative Whiteboard is a free virtual whiteboard app that allows students to make multi-page whiteboards while collaborating with others in-person or remotely. It can also be used to write on and share PDF files. Students simply create a board (using a passcode, if desired, for added security) and add content, guided by the easy-to understand icons at the top of the board. They then can send invites to others (who at the time of this review must have access to an iPad or Mac computer) who can view and/or make changes to the board or PDF document. Boards can also be exported and viewed in many ways -- including email, Dropbox, Evernote, and Facebook -- as well as opened in ArtStudio and other apps. Multiple users can work on a board at the same time, communicating with one another via an in-app instant message feature. The whiteboard can include a a blank background or a background grid, making it handy for shared math work.

This app provides an easy tool for teachers to use to help kids learn about a variety of subjects in interactive, engaging ways. Students using BaiBoard 3 naturally learn about collaboration, digital communication, and presenting to others using visual images (such as photos, charts, drawings, and graphs) as well as written or typed text. As they work together, students learn teamwork, cooperation skills, and to respect others' viewpoints. The instant message feature provides an opportunity for students to practice brevity and respect while using brief, written messages to communicate questions, comments, and ideas effectively to teachers and other students.

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Working with others in real time, in person, or remotely creates a highly engaging collaborative experience. BaiBoard 3's well-designed whiteboard includes instantly recognizable icons that make it easy to create pages.


Learning happens naturally while using BaiBoard 3's empowering, adaptive user interface to create whiteboard pages. Communicating and collaborating with others are skills that transfer to academics and life.


No formal tutorial is provided (which would be a nice addition), just an FAQ on the BaiBoard website. Still, this app is generally easy to use, especially if users have had experience with other virtual whiteboards. 

Common Sense reviewer

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Geweldig programma voor het geven van bijlessen in de exacte vakken

Het werkt uitstekend maar het is jammer dat het niet op een androidsysteem werkt
Niet iedereen kan de ipad betalen.

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