I love Artsonia and love all that it has to offer my students and their families!

Submitted 4 years ago
heather l.
heather l.
Elizabeth Scott Elementary School
Chester VA, US
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My Take

I have been using Artsonia for about 14 years. I love that it helps connect the students daily work to the parents/fan club members. It allows students to do their best when they know that the artwork will be showcased on the site. I also like that their is a writing component and that students can write about what they are learning/creating. I teach a lot of military students and this is a great way for their overseas parent to connect with their child's work during the school year and leave comments for their child which keeps that connection. I cannot say enough great things about Artsonia.

How I Use It

I use Artsonia as a tool to showcase artwork and connect with parents/friends/family. It provides a portfolio for student work where students can see their improvement/development over time. It always students to have confidence and pride in their work while they are learning new skills. It allows them to write about their artwork and what they are feeling, how they created it, and what they learned during the lesson.